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Mystic Scuba

About the Book

Mystic Scuba is the story of Vanessa's remarkable journey into the magical world of diving. Join her as she learns the art of Mystic Scuba from Samvara, a scuba diving Buddhist monk. This enchanting journey chronicles Vanessa's induction into a world of power and mystical secrets beneath the sea.

Mystic Scuba illustrates the unlimited capabilities of the mind. The author learns about breathing, relaxation, and health benefits of air and water in scuba. Aquatic meditation techniques, ocean totems, and places of power reveal how to directly experience Enlightenment.

Quotes from the Book

"Every time you SCUBA dive you enter a powerful mystery, beyond the capacity of human existence. When you SCUBA dive you put yourself in the imminent possibility of death. You dive into death so that you can experience more life."

"In my dreams I saw the colors that Sam the monk had conferred to me: red, white, green, yellow, blue, and black. The colors seemed to roll toward me like gentle waves and then flow through my body."

"You learn to see energy in places of power and to understand how the different vibrations and flows of energy affect your awareness.You learn the energetic makeup of your own being and how to keep your aura and physical body in good health. You learn to meditate, to still your mind, to relax, and to find peace. Most of all, you learn who you are by clearing your foggy diving mask and looking into the depths of the ocean of the self."

"Meditation energizes and empowers you. Meditation awakens your intuition and many other subtle senses of awareness. It grounds you and heals you."

Start Your Adventure!

These powerful teachings of mysticism and self-discovery will transform divers and non‑divers alike.

Exercises from the Book

Exercises for scuba diving to refine your underwater meditation.

Breathing Light

Become aware of every sip of air as light. As you inhale, breathe light in. As you exhale, breathe light out into the ocean. This is good to do at depth.

Holding The Ocean

Relax the arms and hold them out at heart or naval level, as if holding a ball. Focus on the navel while breathing.

Strengthening Focus

Imagine a white ball of light outside the navel. Focus on the navel. Breathing into the navel makes the ball get bigger, exhaling makes the ball get smaller.


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