Holding the ocean is letting go of the self.

Now we'll work on a deep breathing exercise called 'Holding the Ocean'.

Begin this exercise by becoming neutrally buoyant and relaxing your body. Hold your arms in front of you in a rounded manner, as if you were hugging a beach ball. Your arms should be positioned low, at the level of the abdomen. Your palms should be facing towards the body. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Keep your elbows, wrists, and fingers loose. Gently spread your fingers. Practice deep abdominal breathing.

Once you've established deep slow breaths, bring your attention to your navel chakra. Breathe to your navel chakra. Focus on your inhalations filling your navel chakra with air and your exhalation emptying your navel chakra of air. Your eyes should be opened and relaxed, gazing ahead with a soft focus. There is no external focus. Bring your attention inward to your breath and navel chakra. Breathe smoothly and evenly