When we practice The Orbit, we break free from the gravity of the self.

The Orbit is a SCUBA adaptation of advanced Taoist meditation for health and Enlightenment. This technique supercharges the body with vitality and clarifies the mind.

You begin this exercise by focusing your mind on the navel chakra. Once you establish an awareness of energy in the navel, you exhale and move the energy down your front to your bottom point. Move the energy with your mind and breath. Feel and focus your attention along your body as you breathe. Where you focus your mind the energy will move! Your breath stimulates and energizes the focus of the mind.

You will feel as if the energy is being pushed by your breath. After you have brought the energy of breath and mind to your bottom point exhaling, inhale and bring the energy up the spine. As you inhale, focus your mind inch by inch up the outside of your back to the top of your head. With the energy focused at the top of your head, again exhale and bring the energy from the top of the head down your front to your bottom point. Continue breathing in this way. Breathe slowly and move the focus of your mind with the duration of your breath.